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Green Coffee Diet – Effective or Not?

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With so many diet fads floating around the World Wide Web today, it is understandable that a significant percentage of dieters, and would-be weight loss warriors, are confused as to which diets, or weight loss techniques, will actually help them lose weight. Image Credit: KappiKuru Wikimedia Commons

Before we proceed with our main topic, I would like to share a few nuggets of wisdom regarding weight loss, so you can start off (or continue existing weight loss efforts) on the right track.

First of all, true weight loss does not take place overnight. Two pounds lost per week is a great accomplishment, but if you are not mentally prepared to sustain the effort needed to keep your weight down, the pounds will eventually creep back through your lifestyle, or through the things that you eat.

Second, you cannot engage in a real weight loss effort without doing exercise. I am fairly certain that you have encountered weight loss systems before that boast a “no exercise” approach to weight loss.

You are free to try these methods, and I do hope they work well. However, if you wish to become healthier as you lose the excess weight, you need to pay attention to how much exercise you are getting each week. The recommended amount of exercise for adults is 30 minutes minimum per day.

This is the baseline; if you can manage to squeeze in ten minutes more, that will do your body a world of good. This applies most especially to individuals who have conditions like type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. Exercise is a potent treatment for these kinds of diseases.

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Green Coffee Diet Pill Supplement

Now that you know the right way to lose weight, let’s talk about the only supplement to your diet that you will ever need to shed those excess pounds.

Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract Weight Loss

The “Green Coffee Diet” as it is affectionately called by its supporters, is actually just adding the unique green coffee extract to your daily diet. There are no strict rules when you are using green coffee products like Pure Green Coffee.

Just follow the manufacturer’s instructions (e.g. how many capsules to take and when to take them), and you are all set. Unlike regular coffee, Pure Green Coffee doesn’t have a lot of caffeine in it. Whenever you take this supplement, you will actually be consuming a substance called chlorogenic acid.

Chlorogenic acid is a potent weight loss agent that cuts the amount of fat that is absorbed by the body. It accomplishes this feat by increasing the base metabolic rate of the human body, and by slowing down the rate of release of sugar from the stuff that you eat on a daily basis.

Fat that is stored in the liver is burned off for energy, and less sugar is transformed and stored as fat. This is the main reason why Pure Green Coffee is an excellent partner in losing weight: it addresses the basic problem of a slow metabolism. When your metabolism goes up, your body is able to burn off more calories. More calories burned transforms to less fat stored in the body. That means, with Diet Green Coffee, you will get a leaner and sexier body in a shorter period of time, too!

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Pure Green Coffee Extract Burn Fat

Video: Green Coffee Diet Weight Loss on Dr. Oz TV-Show [Source: YouTube]

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