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Uncover a True Cure for Intestinal Gas

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Tired of belching and breaking wind all the time? You are not alone –as of this moment there are others around the country (indeed, in the whole world) that are experiencing the same symptoms of gassiness that you are. The problem is that only a small percentage of sufferers ever consider the idea of visiting the doctor for this problem.

Part of the problem is the overwhelming misconception that flatulence isn’t really a medical condition. Well, I’m here to tell you that while most people will laugh at the idea of gassiness, doctors know that flatulence can be caused by a variety of conditions and factors, and should be treated just as seriously as other well-known health conditions.


Remedies for Intestinal Gas

Here are some ways that you can quell flatulence before it worsens: Your Cure for Intestinal Gas!

1. Always practice moderate eating. Ignore the modern penchant for “supersizing” food and beverages, and just stick to small portions and single servings whenever you eat. Our appetite for mostly fatty and salty foods may have increased greatly in our day and age, but our bodies have remained essentially the same.

This simply means that our bodies have not adapted at all to the type of food that is available now, or to the quantity of food people like to eat on a daily basis.

The result? An increased risk for hyperacidity, indigestion, and even flatulence – these are just some of the consequences of the type of eating habits that people have adopted over recent decades.

2. Be more selective with the food that you eat. It’s not just the portions that count — you also need to look at what type of food you are eating. Processed foods tend to trigger flatulence more than foods that are rich in soluble fiber.

When it comes to correcting flatulence and just keeping the body healthy, nothing beats home-cooked, whole food. However, I am aware that it can be difficult to always cook at home, so my suggestion would be to eat wellat least 75% of the time. Make the extra effort so your digestive system will be able to correct itself without having to rely on antacids and remedies like simeticone.

The fact of the matter is, if you correct your eating, you won’t need antacids anymore because your digestive tract will normalize on its own after a time.

Unless you’ve reached a particular point where the body cannot heal itself anymore, you can bet that with the right dietary modifications you will be able to succeed in fixing your flatulence.

3. Try taking some natural remedies for flatulence, like peppermint. The type of natural remedy that you should take should match your needs. For example, if you are experiencing flatulence accompanied by intense abdominal spasmsm then it is likely that a warm peppermint infusion (like tea) would be able to help you. Take note, however, that if you are suffering hyperacidity, tea may not be the best type of infusion since it is acidic (as is coffee), and is thus contraindicated for hyperacidity.

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