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Who doesn’t love a good banana smoothie? The natural sweetness of bananas is well-loved throughout the world. Everyone has a sweet spot for this cheap, flavorful addition to any nutritious smoothie.

That is why in today’s smoothie expedition we have chosen some great recipes that you can enjoy making at home. Enjoy these recipes and, once you get the hang of them, expand your culinary horizons by experimenting with other ingredients. Improve upon existing recipes, and share the love with other enthusiasts in the smoothie world!

Banana Paradise Smoothie


•    One tablespoon of honey
•    One cup of crushed ice
•    One tablespoon of ground almonds
•    Three tablespoons of creamy peanut butter
•    Half a cup of yogurt (natural flavor)
•    One and a half cups of whole milk
•    Two medium-sized bananas


Slice two medium-sized bananas into small pieces before using them in this recipe. When you are ready to make your Banana Paradise Smoothie, mix one cup of crushed ice, the sliced bananas, ground almonds, and three tablespoons of creamy peanut butter in the blender.

If you have crunchy peanut butter at home, feel free to use that instead of creamy peanut butter. When all of the solid ingredients are in, pour in one and a half cups of whole milk, half a cup of natural-flavor yogurt, and one tablespoon of honey.

Remember to put in the solid ingredients before the liquid ingredients, always. Now start pureeing your ingredients until you get a smooth consistency. When everything has been pureed finely, stop the blender and pour. Enjoy the smoothie with an extra helping of honey, if you need more sweetness mixed into your smoothie.

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Cream Land Smoothie


•    One tablespoon of Grade B maple syrup
•    Three large bananas (make sure they’re ripe!)
•    Two large cups of ice cream (vanilla is best for this recipe)
•    Three cups of whole milk


Slice the three bananas before adding them to the food processor. Scoop in all the ice cream, and follow up with three whole cups of milk. Stir in some maple syrup for flavor.

Puree everything for about four minutes, or until the ice cream has been completely disintegrated and blended with all the other ingredients. You should see a nice yellow smoothie after a few minutes. You can blast chill your glass before consuming the smoothie, for that extra touch of coolness.

The Passion Fruit Connection


•    One large passion fruit
•    Two tablespoons of vanilla extract
•    One cup of ice cream (vanilla-flavored)
•    One cup of whole milk
•    One cup of yogurt (natural flavor or vanilla flavored)
•    Two big bananas


Slice the bananas into one-inch chunks, and place them in your food processor. Now slice the passion fruit in the middle, and scoop out the pulp. Add the pulp into the blender, along with one cup of vanilla-flavored ice cream. Pour the whole milk and yogurt into the mix as well. Blend your ingredients until a smooth texture emerges. Chill for thirty to sixty minutes before consuming or add half a cup of crushed ice beforehand.

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