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Buying a new jogging stroller is like buying a new TV or computer – you shouldn’t just buy one without knowing what other people are saying about it. Customer feedback, or customer reviews, often show the realities behind brands and products.

This rule applies to any product, even jogging strollers. Are you interested in buying a BOB Revolution SE Single Stroller? Before you do, check out what other people are saying about this unique product. We have taken the liberty of collecting genuine reviews from actual buyers, and here’s what we have discovered.

BOB Revolution Stroller Reviews

BOB Revolution Stroller Reviews: Discoveries

The first review that caught our eye was from a grandmother who loved bringing her one year old grandchild on hiking trails. The review stated that what really makes the BOB Revolution SE Stroller special was that it was designed to withstand the uneven terrain of the great outdoors.

This means that when you decide to use a BOB Revolution SE Stroller, you are investing in heavy-duty gear that will be as dependable as you need it to be when it comes to taking care of your child. Another thing that the review emphasized was that the BOB Revolution SE Stroller was meant for people who are always on the go.

It is solidly constructed, and it is designed differently because it was meant to provide added stability and protection when you go off-road. Off-road terrain usually provides an ample supply of bumps, roots, and other terrain irregularities.

A regular stroller will not stand a chance, and your child will probably end up stressed from all the excessive vibrations travelling the length of the stroller.

Another review that we found interesting (or rather, amazing) was from a very grateful mother who had just purchased a new BOB Revolution SE Stroller.

The review stated that she was just loading her car when another car started backing into the stroller, which was located near the back of the car. The mother noticed immediately, and thought that her son was a goner – until she saw that the BOB Revolution SE’s main metallic frame was able to protect the child from the oncoming car. The other car’s bumper actually caved in when it started pushing against the BOB Revolution SE’s metal frame.

According to the reviewer, if she had put her child in a cheaper and lighter stroller that day, the outcome would have been very different, because ordinary strollers are not able to withstand the weight of a full-sized car.

The third and final review that we thought was worth mentioning here was from a dad who knew absolutely nothing about strollers until he had his first child. He was skeptical at first, because the BOB Revolution SE Stroller seems too good to be true.

The review stated that he was happy that the stroller exceeded his expectations, and that it was indeed easy to maneuver and could be used with a lot of accessories, including the car seat adapter. The reviewer stated that a BOB Revolution SE Stroller was a worth investment and provided a lot of value especially when you use accessories like the single weather shield.

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